Electrical Technology

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et-01_Showroom_003_sRGB_140_186 Active part of a distribution transformer
et-02_Showroom_001_sRGB_140_105 Model of a power transformer
et-03_edge_protection-003_sRGB_140_143 Insulation components (angle rings) made from transformerboard
et-04-herstellung-transf_bo Manufacturing of transformerboard
et-05-elektrisches-feld 3D-simulation (electrical field) of an insulation arrangement
et-06-innenleben-konverter Active part of a power transformer / "Three Gorges" dam, China

HVDC converter transformer / "Three Gorges" dam, China

et-08_53edge-005_sRGB_140_105 Insulation papers
et-09-krepppapierproduktion Crepe paper production
et-10-isolier-oel-pruefung Insulation oil analysis (diagnostics)
et-11_22ausleitung-004_sRGB Lead exit of a 400 kV power transformer
et-12_22modulare_ausleitung-006_sRGB Lead exit of a 400 kV power transformer (modular type)
et-13_39halterungsteile-011_sRGB Insulation components (cleats) made from laminated board
et-14_40_45_tubes-007_sRGB Insulation components (snouts) made from transformerboard